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Glossary of Terms - Rare Diseases

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acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)—A manifestation of infection with the human inimunodeficiency virus (HIV) characterized by the presence of one or more opportunistic diseases which occur primarily, or in some cases only, when an individual’s immune system function is de...

Medicines in Development for Women Backgrounder

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Breast cancer Breast cancer affected an estimated 207,090 American women and killed 39,840 in 2010, according to the American Cancer Society. One medicine now in clinical trials for metastatic breast cancer combines two treatment approaches into one medicine – a targeted monoclonal anti...

Policy Solutions: Addressing Market Distortions

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A well-functioning market can ensure patient access to innovative medicines without sacrificing investment in future treatments and cures. The market-based U.S. health care system has worked well over time, but more can be done to help it work even better. Addressing distortions would help improv...

List of 2016 Medicines in Development for Alzheimer's

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This report outlines the medicines in development for Alzheimer's Disease including the drug name, sponsor, indication and development phase.

Milliman - 2016 Medicare Part D National Average Value Drivers

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The report outlines the results, key drivers, caveats and limitations.

Read More About Medicines in Development for Neurological Disorders

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Related Content: 2015 Report: Medicines in Development for Neurological Disorders (PDF) Press Release: PhRMA and Epilepsy Foundation Report More Than 400 Medicines in Development to Treat Neurological Disorders

Medicare Monday: Same bad ideas continue to threaten Part D and beneficiary access to medicines

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Furthermore, the CBO reports that Medicaid-style rebates in Part D could stifle innovation for breakthrough treatments for conditions like Parkinson’s, arthritis and osteoporosis that disproportionately impact the elderly.

How the Bayh-Dole Act Propelled U.S. Global Leadership in Life Sciences

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The University and Small Business Patent Procedures Act of 1980 (commonly referred to as “Bayh-Dole”) created the uniform framework that facilitates orderly and efficient technology transfer from universities and other institutions receiving government research funding to the private sector. Bayh...

List of 2016 Medicines in Development for Mental Illnesses

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The attached report outlines the complete list of the 135 medicines in development for mental illnesses.

List of 2015 Medicines in Development for Cancer

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The report outlines all medicines including their product name, sponsor, indication and development/phase.

PhRMA Urges USTR to Protect American Innovators Abroad

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Published annually, the Special 301 Report reviews intellectual property protection and enforcement abroad.

More Than 50 Medicines and Vaccines in Development for HIV Infection, Treatment and Prevention

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The full “Medicines in Development for HIV/AIDS” report can be downloaded here.

Medicines in Development for Autoimmune Disease Drug List

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View the full list of medicines currently in development to treat the 80+ autoimmune diseases that have been identified to-date. ...

The 5 Essential Truths about Prescription Drug Spending

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Every day patients around the world are living healthier, more productive lives thanks to innovative medicines developed by biopharmaceutical companies. Retail prescription medicines have consistently accounted for just 10 percent of United States health care spending and federal actuaries projec...

Poll respondents appreciate economic benefits of innovation and call for more protections

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In fact, a report released earlier this year from the Global Intellectual Property Center, declared a robust innovation environment as “essential to the success of any 21st century economy.”

340B Spotlight: New pieces of legislation continue momentum to fix 340B program

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Strengthen government oversight with Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Office of Inspector General (OIG) reports on key areas in need of reform, including the government contracts that certain private DSH hospitals use to help qualify for 340B.

The Value of Innovation in Oncology - Recognizing Emerging Benefits Over Time Executive Summary

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A new white paper by Boston Healthcare Associates examines how innovative medicines are driving significant progress in the fight against cancer. Though initial approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is a tremendous milestone, ongoing research and accumulation of knowledge reveals bene...

A Decade of Innovation in Chronic Diseases

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Chronic diseases are one of the most complex and important health care challenges of our time. Seven out of ten deaths in the United States are due to chronic health conditions, and about half of all American adults have one or more of these conditions. Generally regarded as health condit...

List of Medicines in Development for Diabetes

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View the full list of medicines currently in development for diabetes. ...

How Competitive Biopharm Marketplaces Help Control Costs

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Too often conversations on the cost of medicines fail to acknowledge the competitive biopharmaceutical market that exists in the U.S., which helps to control costs while encouraging the development of innovative new therapies. Spending on retail prescription medicines has consistently acc...

Policy Solutions: Promoting Value-Driven Health Care

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Over the last half-century, new medicines, technologies and biopharmaceutical research have revolutionized health care and helped millions of patients live longer, healthier lives. Building on this progress, America now is on the cusp of a golden era of biopharmaceutical discovery and personalize...

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2005 - 2015: A Decade of Innovation In Rare Diseases

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Unfortunately, rare diseases often are difficult to diagnose, and in many cases, few or no treatment options are available. Because of the rarity of each disease itself, however, much remains unknown about the underlying causes and the clinical course of many rare diseases. Even within a particul...

Medicines in Development for Vaccines Drug List

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Explore the vaccines in development by drug name, sponsor, indication and development phase. There are over 250 vaccines currently in development....

Impact of deductibles in health plans

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The report also suggests this trend could have a negative impact on health, since IMS found that patients with pharmacy deductibles have lower adherence to drug therapies and higher prescription abandonment rates than patients without pharmacy deductibles.

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