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Rare Disease Day: Accelerating innovation for patients in need

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Learn more about progress in rare disease research here.

How to get value assessment frameworks right

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Read how value assessment frameworks fit within PhRMA’s pragmatic, patient-centric approaches to building a stronger U.S. health care market here.

Las Compañías Miembros de PhRMA Invirtieron $58,8 Billones en I&D en 2015

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  Conectar con PhRMA Para obtener información sobre cómo los medicamentos innovadores salvan vidas, por favor visite:

Medicare Monday: Who qualifies for Part D Extra Help?

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(Click here for Diane’s full profile.)

New report highlights more than 250 vaccines in development

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View the full report here.

Caroline De Marco

PhRMA  |  Biography

She resides in Philadelphia with her husband, Jason, and their two sons, Carson and Noble.

Las Compañías Biofarmacéuticas de Estados Unidos Lanzan una Innovadora Iniciativa Anunciando la Nueva Era de la Medicina

PhRMA  |  Press Release

Desde el año 2000, las empresas miembros de PhRMA han invertido más de medio trillón de dólares en la búsqueda de nuevos tratamientos y curas, incluyendo un estimado de $58.8 mil millones en el año 2015 por sí solo.

New report confirms competitive market works; Net prices for medicines increased just 2.8 percent in 2015

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Read more on how the competitive biopharmaceutical market controls costs and encourages the development of new treatments and cures at

PhRMA Statement on Support of DEA National Take Back Day

PhRMA  |  Press Release

PhRMA members alone invested an estimated $50.3 billion in 2008 in discovering and developing new medicines.

Ken Frazier

PhRMA  |  Biography

Ken received his bachelor’s degree from The Pennsylvania State University and holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Jeff Aronin

PhRMA  |  Biography

He is the chairman and CEO of Marathon Pharmaceuticals.

World AIDS Day 2016: A decade of scientific innovation

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Currently, 33 vaccine candidates are in clinical development, offering tremendous hope for a future without HIV/AIDS.

Celebrating hope for patients and families on World Heart Day 2016

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

World Heart Day is a reminder that innovation helps reduce the impact of heart disease on patients and families.

ICYMI: New era of medicine initiative kicks off in Boston

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Ubl provides underwriter perspective on new era of medicine happening in science.

Celebrating tremendous advances in HIV/AIDS on National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

New treatments alleviating common side effects of the disease have also become available allowing for better disease management.

Higher deductibles and more dissatisfaction with health plans according to new poll

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[1] A small share (12 percent) of those surveyed is in grandfathered plans that do not have to meet new Affordable Care Act requirements.

Un informe describe diversos medicamentos nuevos en desarrollo para combatir la epidemia de diabetes que afecta a más de 30 millones de estadounidenses

PhRMA  |  Press Release

Desde el año 2000, las compañías miembro de PhRMA han invertido más de medio billón de dólares en la búsqueda de nuevos tratamientos y curas, incluidos cerca de 58 mil ochocientos millones de dólares, solo en 2015.

Video: Translating science into new medicines

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

His personal experiences helping his father with diabetes and later his mother with metastatic breast cancer helped shape his passion for researching new treatments.

Medicare Monday: Did you know … ?

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

For more videos on Part D, click

Using setbacks as stepping stones in Alzheimer’s research

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

The Alzheimer’s community is watching these trials closely and the many others taking new approaches to fight this terrible disease.

Burden on patients: Insurance benefit design’s impact on patient access to medicines

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Asthma and COPD: Utilization management for these medicines is low compared to other conditions, but remains higher than employer coverage.

Ardis Dee Hoven

PhRMA  |  Biography

She completed her internal medicine and infectious disease training at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Medicare Monday: Kicking off 2017 with Medicare resources

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Be sure to subscribe to the Catalyst.

Key Facts Card

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Relentless scientific inquiry in drug development is shifting the odds in the fight against some of the world’s most challenging diseases....

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