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A Sea Change in Treating Heart Attacks

From Hope To Cures  |  From Our Network

At Yale-New Haven Hospital, where half the patients used to have to wait at least 150 minutes before their arteries were opened, the median time is now 57 minutes.

New Medicines Made Available through PDUFA

PhRMA  |  Graphic

The Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) has helped bring more than 1,500 new safe and effective medications to patients.

World Cancer Day: Reflecting on progress and hope for the future in cancer treatment

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Check out an interview with Marisa Dolled-Filhart, Ph.D., director of pathology and companion diagnostics at Merck, on her work as part of the oncology team.

The Value Collaborative: Advancing private market solutions to achieve better health, lower costs

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

That is why we have proposed commonsense policy solutions to address the legal and regulatory barriers that currently exist and why we, as an industry, are investing in the development and use of tools for better measurement of outcomes and the creation of value frameworks that keep the needs of the patient in mind.

What they are saying about new hepatitis C cure: “That's actually a great deal”

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

That's actually a great deal.

New Report: Many Exchange Plans Burden the Most Vulnerable Patients with High Out-of-Pocket Costs for Vital Medicines; Patients left with limited access

PhRMA  |  Press Release

"A key component of the 'patient protection' offered in the ACA is access to not just affordable overall insurance, but specifically to affordable prescription drugs.

World Anti-Counterfeiting Day Puts Spotlight On Growing Foreign Counterfeit Medicine Threat

PhRMA  |  Press Release

PhRMA members alone invested an estimated $49.5 billion in 2011 in discovering and developing new medicines.

World AIDS Day: Making progress

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

On average, it costs $2.6 billion and takes between 10 to 15 years to bring a new medicine to patients.

Together - Cancer

PhRMA  |  Video

See how a two-week old targeted therapy drug has now created a link between them.

Exploring the new era of medicine

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

To learn more about the positive impact of the work being done by America’s biopharmaceutical companies, visit

World Cancer Day: Revolutionizing Treatment for Patients is “Not Beyond Us”

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

If you’re looking to get involved in World Cancer Day, share this post or the videos and be sure to use the hashtags #WorldCancerDay and #NotBeyondUs to help spread the world about how innovative cancer medicines are enabling people to take back their lives.

Yep, Obamacare Costs a Fortune

Access Better Coverage  |  From Our Network

More important, and potentially worrisome for the law's defenders: Average deductibles for silver plans (the most popular type of exchange coverage) are about three times as high as on employer plans.

Study highlights negative impact of Canada's promise doctrine on R and D investment

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

For more information on Canada’s promise doctrine and its overall approach to IP, go to

Together - Alzheimer's Disease

PhRMA  |  Video

When Brian and Samantha look in the mirror every day they both see the same thing: Hope.

Medicare Monday: Happy Memorial Day!

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Get instant updates on issues you care about - here.

Boston Kickoff: The New Era of Medicine

PhRMA  |  Video

The event was the first in a national dialogue series PhRMA is supporting as part of its new GOBOLDLY campaign.

State Leaders See Bioscience as Jobs Engine

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Indiana labor, business and policy leaders get it.

How Does Health Insurance Cover Your Medicines?

PhRMA  |  Video

This video explains some key points that help navigate coverage, including formularies and medicine tiers.

340B Spotlight: Trends in shifting site of care

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Learn more about policy solutions to address market distortions here

Pharmaceutical Organizations Announce Key Principles to Foster Supply Chain Security and Integrity

PhRMA  |  Press Release

Since 2000, PhRMA member companies have invested over $500 billion in the search for new treatments and cures, including an estimated $49.5 billion in 2011 alone.

Patients showcase longer, healthier lives in new “From Hope to Cures” ads

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Learn more here about the campaign and how America’s biopharmaceutical companies are driving innovation, collaborating and helping to translate new findings into hope for America’s patients.

Medicare Monday: New research reveals Part D coverage is more robust than VA coverage for new, innovative medicines

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Learn more about Medicare Part D here.

PhRMA: Propuesta de Clinton Volvería Atrás el Reloj en la Innovación Médica

PhRMA  |  Press Release

• Arriesga la seguridad del paciente al permitir la importación de medicamentos desde el extranjero sin evidencia de ahorros.

Burden on patients: Access to medicines in health insurance exchange plans

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Multiple sclerosis (MS): While coverage is improving, more than one-third (36 percent) of marketplace plans still place all innovator brand MS medicines on the specialty tier.


PhRMA  |  From PhRMA

Facilitates science-based integration of the patient perspective into the development and regulatory review of innovative medicines.

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