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Why The War On Cancer Hasn't Been Won

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"The thought, at least in the early 1980s, was that were a small number of these mutant, cancer-causing oncogenes, and therefore that one could understand a whole disparate group of cancers simply by studying these mutant genes that seemed to be present in many of them," Weinberg says.

The Time Has Arrived for Patent Reform

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Like in our Conversations series, views represented here may not be those of PhRMA, though they are no less key to a healthy dialogue on issues in health care today.

The Complexity of Clinical Trials Has Increased

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Together - Multiple Sclerosis

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That’s why every time Ian enters the lab, he’s on a mission to do things faster, better and sooner for Laurel.

How modernizing FDA regulations can benefit patients, providers and payers

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And stakeholders participating in an Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy forum in March agreed on a variety of recommendations to make it easier for pharmaceutical companies to share important pharmacogenomic information with health care organizations making coverage choices.

Advocates Say Insurers are Driving Away Sick Customers

Access Better Coverage  |  From Our Network

“That right now is $15,000 a month, and that’s treated as a co-insurance, not a co-pay,” Truman says.

PhRMA Statement Regarding Puerto Rico Law 154

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This new law may have significant consequences that could impact innovation and the Island economy.”

PhRMA Challenges Unconstitutional Provisions of California’s SB 17 in Federal Court

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That is why PhRMA has been convening a conversation called Let’s Talk About Cost that takes a broad look at this complex issue, exploring the slowdown in medicine cost growth, the rising cost of chronic disease, insurance coverage of medicine, the role of middlemen, and what our industry can do to make medicine more affordable for patients.

Protect Your Health: Important Disaster Preparedness Tips for Harvey and Irma

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Rx Open, a tool from Healthcare Ready, provides a map of the closest open pharmacies, with daily updates to ensure displaced patients can access medicine they need when they need it.

Biopharmaceutical Sector Leads the Way in Clinical Trial Data Sharing

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The synopses of clinical study reports for clinical trials in patients submitted to the Food and Drug Administration, European Medicines Agency or national authorities of EU member states will be made publicly available upon the approval of a new medicine or new indication.

Personalized Medicine Can Improve Efficiencies within the Health Care System

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Personalized medicine can more quickly target the right treatment for a patient, pinpoint optimal dosing and more quickly connect patients to the right clinical trial, among many other benefits that it provides to the health care system.

The War on Alzheimer’s: Progress and Challenges of Biopharmaceutical Research

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While researchers have come a long way, we still have much work to do to understand causes of the disease and how it progresses.

PhRMA Statement on Economic Stimulus Law

PhRMA  |  Press Release

PhRMA companies are leading the way in the search for new cures.

YMCA Healthy Kids Day: Promoting Childhood Wellness

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They are crucial to protecting our children so that they can have fun at events like the YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day.

What Do Clinical Pathways Mean for Treatment Options?

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Illegal trade barriers discriminate against U.S. innovators

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A foreign product can only access these if the manufacturer agrees to transfer its intellectual property data to Turkish authorities, creating unfair windfalls for domestic firms that can copy and market the innovative product.

World AIDS Day 2016: A decade of scientific innovation

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Advances in science, with the support of America’s biopharmaceutical research companies are paving the way for better outcomes for those living with HIV.

New Video: How Medicines Can Curb Health Care Costs

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Watch our new video to help you learn how medicines can curb health care costs and visit to learn more.

Rare Disease Day Should Last All Year

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They urge us, while honoring the spirit of Rare Disease Day, to remember that the work to find new cures and treatments isn't limited to a single day but goes on 24/7 all year long.

PhRMA Statement Regarding AARP Rx Price Watch Report

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Research shows, that when actual use of generic and brands is accurately accounted for, the average cost of therapy has been declining, not increasing.

PhRMA and BIO Initiate Litigation to Challenge Unconstitutional Provisions of Nevada’s SB 539

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About BIOBIO is the world's largest trade association representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations across the United States and in more than 30 other nations.

Medicine Spending Relatively Stable Following Increased Regulatory Data Protection in Canada and Japan

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The report does state that “there could be many explanations for these results….However, the evidence suggest that those concerned about access to medicines and the financial stability of public healthcare systems should focus their attention on policies other than RDP for medicines.

National Drug Take Back Day

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Step 2:  Add kitty litter, sawdust, coffee grounds or another unpalatable material to the plastic bag to make the solution less appealing for pets and children.

Guest Post: The importance of a modern FDA in drug discovery

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We‘ve made significant strides in integrating the patient voice and experience into the drug development and regulatory processes.

8 Reasons to Celebrate World Kidney Day

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 They changed the course of my life forever.For all these reasons and more, I celebrate World Kidney Day and National Kidney Month.

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