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Federal law requires manufacturers to pay rebates on many medicines sold to Medicaid beneficiaries, and often states negotiate for additional discounts.

Policy conditions make or break leaders in biopharmaceutical innovation: Preliminary results from the 2017 BCI Survey

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For example, our estimates suggest that the most pressing policy challenges among the 30+ markets in the BCI Survey in 2017 cost the biopharmaceutical industry up to $148.92 billion in global sales annually – and this may be regarded as a conservative estimate.

Free Trade Agreements May Be Good For Your Health

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A TPP agreement that encourages continued development of cures for the world’s deadliest and costliest diseases will benefit both patients and economies, in the TPP and beyond.

PhRMA Appoints Amy Jackson as New Japan Representative

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“Ira has been a tireless advocate for PhRMA in Japan these past ten years,” Ubl said, “and I want to thank him for his important contributions to our industry’s efforts there.”

Share the Savings - Your insurer doesn't pay full price for medicines. So why do you?

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Your insurer doesn't pay full price for medicines.

Edith Mitchell, M.D.

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Mitchell was selected for inclusion in America's Top Oncologists.

New Blood Tests, Liquid Biopsies, May Transform Cancer Care

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Still, patients do better when drugs are matched to their tumors, and liquid biopsies may give a practical way to do that more often.

New research: Insurance plan structure can have discriminatory effect

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They note, “This insurance practice has the discriminatory effect of discouraging individuals in need of specific medications from enrolling in these plans or of shifting the burden of the cost back to these enrollees.

Rare Disease Day: Accelerating innovation for patients in need

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Unprecedented scientific potential, combined with appropriate incentives, make this a promising time for many patients with rare diseases.

Discovery of counterfeit hepatitis C drug is another example of why importation is bad for patients

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Learn more about why drug importation is bad for patients here.

I’m Not Average – Matt Ellefson May Have Cancer, But Cancer Doesn’t Have Him

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In this video he shares his inspirational story of defying the odds and managing his disease to lead a happy and active life because of the progress made in cancer research.

Mental health in the New Era of Medicine

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The program will be streamed live from 3:00 - 4:30 pm CT/4:00 - 5:30 ET, and those interested can join the conversation on Twitter with @PhRMA and #GoBoldy.

Medicare Monday: Same bad ideas continue to threaten Part D and beneficiary access to medicines

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The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has actually evaluated whether the government would be able to negotiate lower prices than currently negotiated in the program and found that government negotiation would have a negligible impact on Part D spending unless the government also restricted access to medicines.

Phaseout of Coverage Gap in Part D Began in 2011

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Beginning in 2011, beneficiaries receive a 50% discount on brand drugs while in the coverage gap, at a cost to brand manufacturers of $41 billion over 10 years (2012-2021).

Blog: Drugmakers make valid point about insurers' role in high drug costs

Access Better Coverage  |  From Our Network

The rationale is that lowering cost-sharing can boost patient compliance with drug therapies, improve outcomes and cut the total cost of care.

Commercially-Insured Patients Pay Undiscounted List Prices for One In Five Brand Prescriptions, Accounting for Half of Out-of-Pocket Spending on Brand Medicines

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Patients with deductibles and coinsurance for prescription medicines pay cost-sharing that is based on the undiscounted list price of a medicine, rather than the discounted price negotiated by their health plan or pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).

A Faster Way To Try Many Drugs On Many Cancers

From Hope To Cures  |  From Our Network

“It has been a miracle drug,” said Mrs.

PhRMA Statement on Court Ruling on Maine Importation Law

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It confirms the important role the FDA plays in regulating the drug supply chain and protecting consumers from counterfeit and adulterated medicines that may be inserted into an unregulated supply chain like the one Maine sought to facilitate.”

Lung-MAP Demonstrates Real Change in Cancer Research and Care Possible through Collaboration

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It also reflects an increasing acknowledgement that the many challenges of cancer care will not be overcome by any single institution.

New Report Shows Colorado Clinical Trials Benefit State’s Health and Economy

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The clinical trials that have been conducted in the state are critical to drug development, accounting for seven of the 10 to 15 years required to develop a new medicine and 45 to 75 percent of the average $1.2 billion cost of creating a treatment.

Ian Read

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Ian serves on the Board of Kimberly-Clark as well as on the U.S.

Medicare Monday: 3 reasons why repealing Part D’s noninterference clause is a bad idea

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Such proposals overlook the way the program currently works and how substantial negotiation is helping keep costs low for beneficiaries.

New Methods For Cancer May Benefit Jimmy Carter’s Fight

From Hope To Cures  |  From Our Network

That should eradicate the cancer doctors can currently detect.

PPA connects nearly 10 million people; Celebrates 11th anniversary and launches mobile app

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To date, PPA has connected more than 1 million people with free health care clinics throughout the United States.

Print Ad: What is your insurer making you pay?

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What’s skyrocketing – the cost of your medicine...or what your insurer is making you pay for it?

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