Seeking a "Decade of Vaccines"

Seeking a "Decade of Vaccines"

05.17.11 | By

Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are in the news again, appealing for a "decade of vaccines" to help strengthen global immunization programs. Their goal is to save an additional 4 million lives by 2015 and 10 million by 2020. America's biopharmaceutical research companies are today working on nearly 400 new medicines and vaccines to combat infectious diseases. Many of these medicines are already in late-stage clinical trials or being considered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval for patient use.

In addition, as we've noted before, according to the G-finder Report 2010 the biopharmaceutical research sector is the third largest investor in the effort to find solutions for global health challenges after the U.S. Government and the Gates foundation. In fact, over the last decade, the biopharmaceutical research sector has invested over $9.2 billion in direct assistance to improve healthcare throughout the developing world.

As always, Global Health Progress is a good source for information on what biopharmaceutical research companies are doing to improve health in the developing world. The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations is another great source of information on partnerships to improve health in the developing world between biopharmaceutical makers, governments and NGOs.

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