A Smart Partnership

A Smart Partnership

04.29.11 | By Kate Connors

Walmart, the nation's largest retailer, recently joined SMARxT Disposal, a program that helps educate customers about the proper way to quickly and safely dispose of any unused prescription drugs. Walmart will launch the national educational program in more than 3,500 of their pharmacies.

Walmart's participation will help the program reach more people all across the country. With signs explaining proper home disposal methods posted in their pharmacies as well as on the Walmart pharmacy website, Walmart is the largest national partner to promote the simple steps consumers can take to dispose of unused medicines, as outlined in the SMARxT Disposal program. The company also plans to print SMARxT Disposal information on all pharmacy bags so that when customers leave the pharmacy, they have a reminder as to how to promptly and safely dispose of unused medicines in their homes.

PhRMA is a key partner with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the American Pharmacists Association of the SMARxT Disposal program.

SMARxT Disposal recommends that all unused medicines, unless specified otherwise by the Food and Drug Administration, should be mixed with water, sealed in an opaque container safely secure from children, pets, and others, and discarded in household trash to be later incinerated or placed in a government approved solid waste landfill. It's simple and effective.

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