State Governments: Help Us Help You

State Governments: Help Us Help You

04.20.11 | By Kate Connors

I admit that this blog post comes to you a few days late. As I read through coverage of PhRMA's annual meeting, this article in The Newark Star-Ledger caught my eye.

I wrote, in our blog updates from the annual meeting, about how New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said that the state's "economic future and our ability to innovate for a prosperous future will depend in large measure on the continued growth and success of the pharmaceutical industry."

The Star-Ledger article, tying Christie's remarks in with news that a jobs-providing biopharmaceutical company opted to maintain headquarters in the state, points out that different states have different experiences in luring, and keeping, a biopharmaceutical sector presence: "In the past two years, the state has seen pharmaceutical business shrink so dramatically - while other hubs in places like Massachusetts and North Carolina expand - that some industry observers wonder if New Jersey still deserves its long-standing nickname as the nation's medicine cabinet," the article says.

Still, the sector remains a strong employer in the state. If anything, New Jersey's experience details what we have long said about the need for consistent public policies that support innovative companies: essentially, if you build it, they will come.

Governor Christie's goal of forging "collaborative partnerships" with companies has already produced one success.

As the article quotes sanofi-aventis CEO and PhRMA Chairman Chris Viechbacher as saying, "Companies are going to invest in states that are well governed."

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