Stronger Jail Sentences for Counterfeiting Crimes

Stronger Jail Sentences for Counterfeiting Crimes

11.18.11 | By

The Catalyst has featured several posts about the counterfeit medicine threat and today I want to update you on the latest development. A bipartisan and bicameral bill was introduced yesterday by several members of Congress that would increase jail sentences - up to 20 years - for criminals caught selling counterfeit medicines in the U.S. The reality is that criminals selling dangerous counterfeit medicines face far lighter jail sentences than criminals selling illicit street drugs. In fact, the average jail time is about 3 years for counterfeiting crimes, even though fake medicines cause great harm to patients suffering from a wide variety of diseases, including cancer and heart disease. We believe this bill sends an important message to criminals that the U.S. is getting tough on counterfeiting crimes.

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