Access to Diabetes Medicines in Exchange Plans (2015)

Access to Asthma Medicines in Exchange Plans (2015)

Access to Oncology Medicines in Exchange Plans (2015)

Access to HIV/AIDS Medicines in Exchange Plans (2015)

Access to Mental Health Medicines in Exchange Plans (2015)

PhRMA Special 301 Submission 2015

Patient Safety Demands that Drug Compounders Comply With Law

12.11.14 | By

“When compounded products are not made according to strict quality standards appropriate for their scale of production, the results can be deadly.”  Six public health organizations wrote this to FDA Commissioner Hamburg to voice strong support on FDA’s robust enforcement of the federal law on compounding.

ICYMI: New Study Highlights Often High Out-of-Pocket Costs in Exchanges

11.20.14 | By

Earlier this week, the Kaiser Family Foundation released new research about the deductibles in different health insurance exchange plans. The study found for bronze or silver plans patients often have to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket due to high combined deductibles.

ACA Health Insurance Exchanges Breakaway Report

A new report from Breakaway Health reviews the benefit designs relating to prescription medicines and other health care items and services -- looking at deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, cost sharing, and other factors. 

View the Report

Biopharmaceuticals in Medicare, Medicaid and Department of Veterans Affairs

This chart pack features key facts about prescription medicines in three major government programs Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Affairs (VA) drug benefit each provide drug coverage through different methods of administration.

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