Week in Review: Access, Patients, Part D, Oh My

10.17.14 | By

Thanks in large part to innovative new treatments, now more than ever, patients can live longer, healthier lives. But in order for this to be possible, access to needed medicines is critical.

Five Things You Might Not Know About Medicare Part D

10.15.14 | By

Another Medicare open enrollment period begins today, Wednesday, October 15, and runs through Sunday, December 7. During open enrollment seniors and individuals with disabilities can evaluate their Medicare plan choices to make sure they’re still right for them, compare options and make changes for the new year. One thing beneficiaries evaluate during open enrollment is their prescription drug coverage. Here are five things you might not know about Medicare Part D:

Week in Review: Innovation and the Promise of Hope

10.10.14 | By

We often use the word “innovation” in Catalyst posts and on social media. To many, “innovation” may seem like just another buzzword, but to the biopharmaceutical industry it is the definition of hope. It is the hope that we can help patients live longer and healthier lives through, in large part, the development of new treatments.

Attention Overdue for Devastating Brain Disorders

10.08.14 | By

Mental Illness Awareness Week, which takes place the first full week of October, is an opportunity to raise awareness of mental illness and make progress in eliminating stigmas that discourage people from seeking care and support.  In the guest commentary below, Husseini K. Manji, MD, FRCPC, Global Head of Neuroscience for Janssen Research & Development LLC, a Johnson & Johnson Company, addresses the significant toll of mental illness.

ICYMI: Debunking Myths about Cancer Care in the United States

10.07.14 | By

Cancer is a devastating diagnosis and it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been touched by the disease.  However, given its complexity, the facts about cancer care are often misconstrued.

Week in Review: Staying Informed Is Critical to Long-Term Health

09.26.14 | By

Helping patients understand and access high quality health care options is a central tenet of our industry. Today, more than ever, it’s essential that every member of the health care ecosystem move forward with this guiding objective in mind.

Continuing the Patient-Centered Dialogue

09.26.14 | By

Subscribe buttonAs PhRMA’s Kaelan Hollon noted, “This year’s PhRMA national survey is a reminder to everyone in the biopharmaceutical industry of why it’s so i

Week in Review: Being Well-Informed About Health

09.19.14 | By

There has been a marked increase in media attention on the health care landscape over the past year. Some of these stories got it right, while others were often confusing or misleading.

New Morning Consult Column by PhRMA CEO Highlights Industry’s Role in Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse

09.18.14 | By

Subscribe buttonThis morning, our CEO John Castellani wrote a great Morning Consult column highlighting our policy platforms supporting the prevention of prescription drug abuse, in light of the recent release of new DEA

Survey Finds Minority Communities Have Distinct Health Concerns, Face Barriers to Reaching Ideal Health

09.16.14 | By

While the majority (66 percent) of Americans continue to be optimistic about their health, minority communities have unique and distinct health concerns and barriers to reaching their ideal health, according to PhRMA’s Second Annual National Health Survey.

The survey revealed that while 67 percent of whites and 67 percent of Hispanics reported they have had a good year when it comes to their health, African Americans ranked their health less favorably at 57 percent.


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