New Cancer Medicines Driving Value for Patients

07.22.14 | By

If conventional wisdom says that spending on new cancer medicines is at “unsustainable” levels, and a demonstration project designed to address this leads to increased spending on new cancer medicines and reduced total medical costs, then what happens to conventional wisdom? That’s one question you might be left with after reading the surprising results of the much-anticipated study by Lee Newcomer, MD from United Healthcare and two cancer centers. The study was designed to cut cancer treatment costs, and to do so by reducing use of new cancer medicines.

Week in Review: The Fight for Innovation and Access

07.18.14 | By

Our president and CEO John Castellani asked, “What would happen if the pace of medical innovation in the U.S. slowed or halted altogether?” It’s a scary thought when you consider that without research and development (R&D), the treatments patients have come to depend on and hope to see in the future would not and will not exist. As a result, this week we highlighted a few extraordinary advancements and discussed what it means when patients do not have access to necessary treatments.

Forbes Contributor Prescribes Important Changes to Improve Information Sharing in Our Healthcare System

07.16.14 | By

Continuing an important conversation about how to make the best use of the wealth of information regarding today’s healthcare treatment options, last week Nicole Fisher wrote in Forbes about the growing need for a new regulatory paradigm to govern how the biopharmaceutical industry communicates with healthcare professionals about medicines.

Week in Review: It’s All About Patients

07.11.14 | By

For biopharmaceutical companies, patients are our priority. Throughout the research and development process, it is our job to make sure that innovative, new treatments are moving through the pipeline, into the hands of those in need. To achieve this, a number of different issues must be addressed across the U.S. and around the world. This week, the Catalyst touched on a variety of topics that aren’t typically top-of-mind, but represent just a small sample of issues that are important to helping patients live longer, healthier lives.

Cost-Effectiveness Standards in the UK Lead to Restrictions in Patient Access to Cancer Therapies

07.11.14 | By

The debate over the cost and value of innovative medicines has prompted some to make renewed calls for use of a cost-effectiveness or similar standard in the U.S. One example of this was highlighted in a recent column by Ed Silverman at the Wall Street Journal.

Consumers Need Safe Disposal Options, Not Mandates

07.10.14 | By

Today, Mark Chenoweth of Washington Legal Foundation published a great blog in Forbes (and a similar LTE in San Francisco Chronicle) about upcoming oral arguments for our litigation in Alameda County regarding safe disposal.

Negotiators Push Ahead on TPP in Canada

07.08.14 | By

Today, the countries participating in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement begin yet another round of negotiations in Ottawa, Canada. The TPP is a trade deal currently being negotiated between the U.S. and 11 countries in the Pacific Rim region, including Canada and Japan. The agreement is predicted to increase U.S. exports by $125 billion and help transform how business is conducted in the global economy.

STEM Saves Lives Remarks

Week in Review: Celebrating Patient Health

07.03.14 | By

Before we leave to celebrate the holiday weekend, we wanted to talk about the latest happenings in the biopharmaceutical industry and the importance of celebrating patients.

Medicines in Development for Older Americans

07.03.14 | By

As overall life expectancy continues to grow, so does the number of older Americans, the majority of whom have at least one chronic disease. Chronic diseases not only impact our loved ones living with them, but our families as well and cost the health care system billions of dollars. Prospective medicines currently in the pipeline hold promise to improve health outcomes and provide cost savings.


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