Regulations Governing Communication with Healthcare Providers Have Not Kept Pace with Advances in Technology

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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak at a conference of regulatory and compliance professionals – those who are dedicated to ensuring that regulation works.

Ensuring the security of our Nation's pharmaceutical supply chain

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Millions of prescriptions are filled every year in the United States and the patients who depend on these medications must have confidence in their safety and authenticity. From manufacturing to delivery, the pharmaceutical industry complies with regulations set by the U.S.

Developing Cures for Cancer

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A survey commissioned earlier this year by PhRMA shows 86 percent of Americans believe developing cures for more forms of cancer should be one of the top national health priorities.

Omaha -- Home of Steak, Warren Buffett And Cutting-Edge Biopharmaceutical Research

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Until this morning, on the rare occasions when I thought of Omaha, Nebraska, I would conjure up images of Warren Buffett, thick juicy steaks, a clean quiet Midwestern city and friendly, laid-back folks, not necessarily in that order.

I learned today that I was not inaccurate, all of the above is true,  but my picture was far from complete.

Research Supported by Biopharmaceutical Companies Boosts Economy, Benefits Local Patients


Alzheimer’s Association and the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation

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Alzheimer’s has proven to be a stubborn, puzzling and perhaps even symbolic disease. In recent years, it has emerged as one of our greatest tests of biopharmaceutical science because of the disease’s vast and growing impact on the health of our aging population and the viability of our health care system.

Maximizing Prescription Quality Through ePrescribing

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Today, PhRMA will be hosting a stakeholder action group meeting with the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) called “Maximizing Prescription Quality Through ePrescribing.” NCPDP is a non-for-profit, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) certified standards development organization.

Advancing Cancer Research

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How can we continue to advance cancer research and improve patient outcomes in an era of cost containment?  The issue was recently highlighted in a New York Magazine article that only provided part of the story on cancer progress and cost containment.  Last week I had the opportunity to tackle this question as part of a roundtable that convened leaders from across the cancer community.

Institute of Medicine National Academy of Sciences

The Fight Against Cancer

10.22.13 | By

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly one of every two people will develop a cancer at some point in their life.


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