Having Conversations on the Biopharmaceutical Pipeline

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There are more than 5,000 new medications in the research and development pipeline. Some of these medications may one day result in effective treatments for diseases and conditions that exact a tremendous personal and financial toll on patients around the country and the world.

Conversations Wrap Up

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Biopharmaceutical scientists work daily to identify and develop potential preventative and therapeutic medicines for some of the most difficult conditions and diseases, with the unified goal of helping people live longer and healthier lives. Rarely have we been more successful at achieving this goal than with the development and global utilization of vaccines  

2013 Research and Hope Awards -- Robert Hugin's Remarks

Thank you John and thank you Anita [Brickman – local TV reporter who is event MC] for hosting tonight’s celebration.

Let me echo John’s welcome and thank our partners – all representing important elements of the health care ecosystem of innovation – as well as our media partners.

Your support has been crucial to the success of this wonderful event.

Tonight, I stand between you, a good dinner, the far more inspiring Dr. Tom Frieden and the reason we’re all here… honoring the achievements of doctors Fu, Lowy and Schiller and GlaxoSmithKline’s malaria vaccine team.

A Healthy Dose of Dedication and Compassion

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It doesn't take long to understand why biopharmaceutical research companies have conducted more than 800 clinical trials in Montana.

The Public Health Value of Vaccines Acceptance

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So far this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 159 cases of measles have been reported in 16 states  – 36 percent of those occurring in children less than five years of age.

Strides in Vaccine Development

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Despite some tremendous strides in vaccine development over the years, vaccines remain a major public health challenge for patients and their families throughout the world. This week we released our Medicines in Development: Vaccines report, which shows there are more than 270 vaccines in the pipeline to prevent and/or treat a wide array of diseases, including various forms of cancer and neurological disorders. 

Spotlight on PhRMA Research & Hope Awards

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WUSA 9 - TV highlighted the importance of vaccines and immunizations during a segment that aired on the evening news here in Washington last night.  The segment comes on the heels of PhRMA’s annual Research & Hope Awards ceremony celebrating individuals and teams in the medical innovation ecosystem who are contributing great

John J. Castellani Remarks: 2013 Research and Hope Awards

Health Care Reform in Turkey

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Turkey is at the vanguard of a global trend of implementing universal health coverage. Building on that leadership position, Prime Minister Erdoğan has set a goal for Turkey to become a global leader in the delivery of health services over the next decade. A key element of developing the health care market in Turkey is expanding the country’s biopharmaceutical sector.

Impact on Improving Public Health

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Today, PhRMA and its 2013 Research & Hope Awards partners are honoring visionaries in the vaccines and immunization field.


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