Week In Review: Engaging in Conversation on Key Issues

06.28.13 | By

This week, we launched our “Conversations” forum as part of our larger goal of engaging a broad spectrum of thinkers, patient advocates, providers and manufacturers on their thoughts about pressing health care questions. As Matt Bennett, our SVP of Communications, said, “No one organization has all the answers, so it’s important to bring together diverse contributors to weigh in.”

Illegal Pharmacies Shut Down

06.28.13 | By

More than 9,600 websites that illegally sell potentially dangerous, counterfeit drugs to patients were targeted this week by a partnership that included INTERPOL, the FDA, international regulatory and law enforcement bodies, as well as pharmaceutical companies. The partnership announced yesterday that 1,677 of the websites were seized and shut down.

Increased Understanding of LGBT Health Challenges Will Lead to More Informed Care

06.27.13 | By

As communities across the country celebrate June as National LGBT Pride Month, it is important to acknowledge the unique health challenges facing the LGBT community. In an effort to better understand and address these challenges, the National Health Interview Survey for 2013 will include questions specifically related to the LGBT population. 

AMA Recognizes Obesity as a Disease

06.27.13 | By

Recently the American Medial Association endorsed recognizing obesity as a disease. The U.S. obesity rate increased almost 50 percent between 1997 and 2012, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Hearing Highlights Problems with India’s Industrial Policy

06.27.13 | By

Today, Rep. Terry (R. NE) chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade held a hearing to highlight how India’s industrial policy is hurting U.S. companies and workers.  India’s harmful industrial policies have gained center stage over the last month, witnessed by the fact that nearly 250 House and Senate members have sent letters to the Administration expressing frustration about how those policies hurt U.S.

PFCD Offers Ways to Lower Medicaid Health Costs

06.26.13 | By

The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) has released a thoughtful new policy paper outlining the most effective ways to lower Medicaid health care costs without compromising quality of care or patient health outcomes.

PhRMA Conversations - Introduction

06.25.13 | By

Following PhRMA CEO John Castellani's post last week, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new forum, “Conversations.” We hope you will join the debate on PhRMA.org as we ask some of the biggest questions in health care.

Our inaugural question is:

Achieving Optimal Value from Medicines

Promising New Medicines in Development for Heart Disease & Stroke

06.24.13 | By

In a previous post, I shared my personal experience with stroke and encouraged readers to know the warning signs and symptoms of stroke.  A new report by PhRMA on Medicines in Development for Heart Disease and Stroke provides cause for optimism.

Week in Review

06.21.13 | By

As our President and CEO John Castellani emphasized, “Healthy debate is the foundation of progress and advancement.” This is something we feel very strongly about, and the initiatives announced this week show our commitment to being part of the ongoing dialogue around health care.


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