Protecting IP: Balancing Current and Future Interests

05.22.13 | By

With the 17th round of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations taking place in Lima, Peru, the importance of strong U.S. trade and innovation policy is once again front and center. When it comes to protecting intellectual property, it’s critical that negotiators keep in mind the far-reaching implications of pro-IP measures on our economy, health and well being, and society overall.

Research in Your Backyard May Soon Be in Latin America

05.22.13 | By

In Colombia, unprecedented price controls in the private market are being contemplated and such policies – a threat to continued research and development of new medicines – are already in effect in El Salvador and also under consideration elsewhere in the region. 

Far too often in Latin America, we’re smeared with the negative “Big Pharma” label and too many policymakers have the perception that we don’t have a very positive impact in their countries.

RxOpen Activated to Report on Status of Pharmacies in Oklahoma

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 20, 2013) – Rx Response  elevated its status to Alert and has activated Rx Open in the aftermath of yesterday’s deadly tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. (  Rx Response and Rx Open are initiatives of America’s bio-pharmaceutical supply system to help ensure the continued flow of medicine to patients in a severe public health emergency,

New Study is Latest Proof That Part D Helps Save Money While Improving Health

05.21.13 | By

This past weekend the American Journal of Managed Care released a study titled, “The Economic Impact of Medicare Part D on Congestive Heart Failure.”

Key findings of study include:

Uplifting Athletes: Raising Awareness, Patients’ Spirits and Funds for Research

05.20.13 | By

Uplifting Athletes is a nonprofit organization that works with college football players to raise awareness of rare disease, raise funds for research and support individual rare disease patients.  The chapters are run by student athletes at universities across the country.  Their work recently gained national attention when the

I Am Research. Progress. Hope. - The Scientists Speak

05.17.13 | By

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Olof Larsson, chief scientific officer, Eli Lilly and Company, to talk about what inspired him to get into science and what advice he has for students as they explore their future career path.  I met Olof, originally from Sweden, at his house in Indianapolis, IN and as I walked through the front door, he introduced me to his daughter who is currently in high school.  I noticed immediately that the

Week in Review: Finding Courage and Inspiration Through Personal Experiences

05.17.13 | By

Within minutes of Angelina Jolie’s New York Times opinion piece going live on her preventative steps against breast cancer, nearly every major news outlet in the world was covering the highly personal story. Ms.

Telling the Complete Story of Physician & Biopharmaceutical Collaboration

05.16.13 | By

It’s always tough reading biased coverage, especially when reporters continue to slam collaboration between physicians and biopharmaceutical companies. I was particularly taken aback by Roni Caryn Rabin’s treatment of the issue in New York Times’ Well blog this week.

Why Doctors Prescribe Medicines for Non-Approved Uses

05.16.13 | By

A recent article in Scientific American which explains “Why Doctors Prescribe Off-Label Drugs” caught my attention since non-approved use, also known as off-label use, of prescription medicines is often mentioned in the news without the context of why doctors choose to recommend it.

National Women’s Health Week: Can We “Have It All?”

05.15.13 | By

Can women really “have it all?” It is an age-old question that continues to generate significant societal interest and discussion.


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