Rethinking Coverage and Access In Health Care – Hepatitis C

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Hepatitis C impacts an estimated 3.2 million Americans. Between 60 and 70% of those with hepatitis C develop chronic liver disease, between 5 and 20% will eventually develop cirrhosis, and an estimated 12,000 die from hepatitis C related illness each year.

New Study: 75 Percent of Cancer Medicine Purchased Online in China is Fake

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China’s Food and Drug Administration recently issued a warning to patients that it cannot guarantee the safety, authenticity and efficacy of cancer medicines purchased online. The new warning was issued after a study by drug regulators in Shenzhen found that 75 percent of foreign cancer medicines purchased online were found to be counterfeit or ineffective.

The Biopharmaceutical Industry In a TTIP Economy

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Yesterday, stakeholders had an opportunity to meet with and present to negotiators participating in the fifth round of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks taking place in Arlington, Virginia. TTIP is a trade agreement being negotiated between the United States and the European Union  with the goal of enhancing their trading relationship by further reducing, or in some cases eliminating, remaining trade barriers between the two parties.

Four Facts: Value and Cost of Medicines

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The Atlantic today led a discussion around the value and cost of innovative medicines.  This is an important topic and one that all partners in the U.S. health care system must continue to discuss.  Most importantly, patient voices need to be a part of any discussion around the value of innovative medicines.  As this debate moves forward, here are some additional facts that need to be a part of the discussion.  

Advances in Medical Research Not Possible Without Patients Who Volunteer to Participate in Clinical Trials

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While today is International Clinical Trials Day, at PhRMA we recognize the groundbreaking advances in medicine made possible by clinical trials and the critical contribution of the patients who volunteer in clinical trials every day.

New Prime Minister Could Usher in a New Era For India

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Last week, after an election process that took more than a month to complete with a record 550 million votes cast, the Indian people elected a new Prime Minister in a landslide election that unseated the country’s ruling Congress party.  Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won enough seats in the lower house of Parliament to form a government.

Week in Review: Building a Robust Pipeline for Patients

05.09.14 | By

Biopharmaceutical innovators work every day to build a robust pipeline and develop new medicines that help patients cope with some of the most debilitating diseases. This week, we released a new Medicines in Development report on mental health disorders that discussed a number of new approaches being pursued in order to treat these conditions. Currently, an estimated 61.5 million Americans suffer from mental illness, or one in every four U.S.

Prescription Drug Abuse Monitoring Programs Offer Value to States Combating Misuse

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Each year at the National Prescription Drug Abuse Summit, discussions take place regarding the latest resources and tools for states, pharmacists, physicians, and law enforcement to use in combating the misuse and abuse of prescription medicines. For PhRMA, ensuring the appropriate use of medicines and preventing fraud and diversion of prescription medicines is of paramount importance.

The Parkinson Story

04.29.14 | By

Parkinson's is chronic and progressive, meaning that symptoms continue and can increase over time. The progression of Parkinson’s disease varies and is different for everyone. No one can predict which symptoms will affect an individual, and the intensity of the symptoms also varies. With April being Parkinson’s Awareness Month part of our efforts include reaching out to the community to hear their Parkinson stories.

Cancer Medicines: Adding Value to the Cost Equation

04.24.14 | By

The questions on cost and value are important, but they miss the opportunity to reach consensus, patient-centered solutions. Read the four places the discussions focused on cost often run amiss:


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