CMS’ Decision a Good Call for Patients

03.20.14 | By

In January, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) issued a proposed rule that would have adversely altered Medicare Part D’s six protected classes for prescription medication, restricting Medicare beneficiary access to antidepressants and immunosuppressants beginning in 2015.

Week in Review: Putting Patients First

03.14.14 | By

This week we focused on the role of patients within the R&D process, from discovery to market access. While the industry is continually striving to create new medicines, the more that patients, stakeholders, advocates and public and private sector leaders contribute feedback, ideas and ingenuity to the research and development (R&D) process, the better the likelihood of developing the next big breakthrough that will save or improve lives.

Clinical Trial Patient Thanks Hometown Researchers

03.11.14 | By

You could have heard a pin drop as onetime clinical trial participant Laura Hull spoke at yesterday's "Research in Your Backyard" event in Winston-Salem, N.C. More than a few eyes had tears in them.

Shedding Light on an Often Overlooked Patient Population

03.11.14 | By

The recent spotlight on prescription drug abuse has overshadowed an important patient population that must deal with chronic pain everyday. Addicts, overdoses and mentions of the “opioid epidemic” in the media has made is increasingly difficult for the people who depend on these medicines to be able to get them.

Patient Safety Awareness Week: 52 Weeks a Year

03.07.14 | By

A patient should never have to worry about the safety of their medicines. Unfortunately, patient’s lives are put at risk across the country due to counterfeit, substandard, or otherwise unsafe medicines.

Conversations: Part D Protected Classes

03.06.14 | By

Since taking effect in 2006, Medicare Part D has provided seniors with critical access to the prescription medications they need. As part of the program, patients have broader access to medicines that fall into one of six “protected classes” that include anticonvulsants, antidepressants, antineoplastics, antipsychotics, antiretrovirals and immunosuppressants.

Changing the Dynamic of Biopharmaceutical Research Starts with Collaboration

03.05.14 | By

Patients, physicians, biopharmaceutical companies, and the federal government all want the same thing: New treatment options to save lives from diseases that claim far too many.

Tune in Tomorrow: Sunshine Act on CBS This Morning

03.03.14 | By

CBS This MorningThe Sunshine Act encourages transparency around the interactions between physicians and biopharmaceutical professionals. These conversations are vital to improving patient care.

Week in Review: R&D Fueled By Collaboration

02.28.14 | By

We revisit the research and development (R&D) pipeline quite a bit, because it is a crucially important aspect of modern medicine. Having recently released our Medicines in Development report on the 180 medicines in the pipeline to treat diabetes and related conditions, it is important to recognize the steps that fuel innovation and medical advances.

‘Medicines in Development’ just part of equation to treat diabetes

02.27.14 | By

By 2020, nearly half of all Americans will have at least one chronic condition. As more and more people are afflicted by chronic disease, it is increasingly important to develop new ways to prevent, manage, and treat these life-altering conditions.


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