Working Together to Stop Ebola in its Tracks

11.13.14 | By

The fantastic news came yesterday that Dr. Craig Spencer, the last patient in the U.S. with Ebola, has been cured. While this development certainly inspires hope, there is still much to be done in West Africa before we can celebrate the end of this dangerous disease that has already taken nearly 5,000 lives.

Crossing the Finish Line in the Race to Cure Cancer

06.05.14 | By

Our members are diligently working to bring new medicines to patients. To date, these treatments have helped make some of the most devastating diseases, including HIV, manageable conditions. To do the same for cancer, collaboration across the health care ecosystem is necessary.

Highlighting Progress in Fight Against Parkinson’s Disease with Conversations’ New Look

03.27.14 | By

This week’s Medicines in Development report for Parkinson’s disease examines the work currently underway to help the 1.5 million Americans who are affected by the progressive neurological condition. While high-profile Parkinson’s patients like Michael J.

Increasing Clinical Trial Participation Among Diverse Patient Populations

03.19.14 | By

The development of new medical breakthroughs depends on the patients who volunteer to participate in clinical trials, but according to the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation, only 6 percent of clinical trials are completed on time and half of clinical research sites enroll one or no patients in their study.


If implemented, what would the recent proposed changes to Medicare Part D’s six protected classes mean for patients?

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Collaborating for Future Progress

02.26.14 | By

The existing model of bringing new medicines to patients is a costly, exhaustive, and thorough process. In fact, to develop a new medicine under the federal process takes about $1 billion and 10 years — with a failure rate of roughly 99 percent.


What are some realistic expectations that can come from the Accelerating Medicines Partnership?

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What are our greatest challenges as we address managing chronic diseases like diabetes?

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Every 34 seconds someone has a heart attack in the United States. How can we work together to improve prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease to save lives?

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