Tips for Staying Safe and Healthy During Hurricane Sandy

Tips for Staying Safe and Healthy During Hurricane Sandy

10.30.12 | By

I've been lucky so far throughout Hurricane Sandy; save some spotty electricity, a branch threatening to smash my car and light flooding in my basement there has been no other damage. There are others going through far worse right now due to the hurricane so as a reminder, keep these important safety precautions for medicine storage in event of a power outage in mind.

The FDA has some good safety tips for patients considering drug safety and storage as part of your overall emergency preparedness plan. This is one of the many reasons reading the labels of your medicine is important; you need to know the storage instructions in advance, so if power is out, you'll have an alternative storage method.

For those prescribed refrigerated drugs, it's important to know how long that drug will be therapeutically effective at room temperature, if your power is off. Here's a great chart by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists that outlines many major drugs that require refrigeration, alongside a note for how long they'll likely be effective at room temperature and a contact number for the manufacturer, for questions.

For those who take several medications, it is vital to incorporate your medical information into your emergency kit at home. Writing down what prescriptions you take, how often and the dosage amounts, along with your pharmacy phone number should be part of your regular preparations for a major weather event. RxResponse has some good tools for patients, including a sample medicine card to fill out and store inside your emergency supplies, along with phone numbers and contact information in event your local pharmacy may be shut down.

Stay safe, and please share these resources with those who might be affected by the storm.

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