Too Many Avoiding Needed Colorectal Cancer Screenings

Too Many Avoiding Needed Colorectal Cancer Screenings

07.08.11 | By

At PhRMA and our member companies, we're proud and excited by how the nearly 900 medicines now being developed to fight cancer may help patients struggling with the disease.

However, the first, best way to fight cancer is to avoid it altogether. That's why prevention is so important. That's also why articles like this, describing how many patients are avoiding colorectal screenings, are so concerning. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's publication, Vital Signs, "Screening lowers colorectal cancer (CRC) incidence and mortality. CRC is preventable through the removal of premalignant polyps and is curable if diagnosed early."

In plain speak, cancer screenings save lives. It's that simple. Follow appropriate screening guidelines to give yourself and those you love the best chance of beating cancer by preventing it altogether.

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