TPP Must Protect Jobs and Patients

TPP Must Protect Jobs and Patients

12.20.12 | By Mark Grayson

Today, former Rep. Ron Klink (D-PA) has an insightful article on trade that appeared in the Hill that goes to the heart of why a good trade deal is important. Rep. Klink says that, "ensuring strong protections for American innovators is critically important for all workers".

The article points out that, "[f]ree trade must also be fair trade, and the alternative - a weak agreement for the U.S. - will cost jobs and create added uncertainty for millions of U.S. citizens."

And Rep. Klink points out the agreement is also important for patients. "Of particular importance is the issue of data protection for biologic medicines, and ensuring U.S. law of 12 years is part of the final TPP language. These highly complex drugs hold immense promise for treating disease in the future, and must have adequate protections so American firms can continue to lead the way in new drug development and reap the benefits of the jobs created through innovation."

Rep. Klink clearly understands what is at stake in the TPP. We hope the President and our negotiators take note of all the points that are made here.

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