Two Items for a Friday

Two Items for a Friday

08.19.11 | By

First, saw this interesting report: cures for new diseases come from old medicines. Now, coming from an organization that represents innovative medicine makers, it may seem strange to highlight that older, probably generic medicines may have new applications. But what strikes me, however, is that it is really a story about science, innovation and the power of ideas.

As we say all of the time here, creating a new medicine for any disease that is approvable for patient use by the FDA is a long and costly process. But it is also a process where failure as well as success teaches you many useful things. My point is that it should be no surprise that medicines created to treat one disease might have, if in a different form, some application to treating another condition. Accumulating knowledge, thinking creatively, innovating and applying it all to new challenges all the time is how progress is made - whether you are pioneering completely new therapies or figuring out how something old can be made new again.

My second link today comes from the appropriately titled LA Times piece: Best Study Ever. In short, some one is out there proving that wasting time on the internet improves productivity. A great thing to think about as we head into the weekend.

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