Two OpEds on Medicare Worth a Look At

Two OpEds on Medicare Worth a Look At

05.05.11 | By

With the debate over the future of Medicare heating up, there are two interesting recent opinion pieces worth taking a look at.

The first by Former HHS Secretary and Governor of Wisconsin Tommy Thompson and Donald Crand, President & CEO of the California Association of Physician Groups (CAPG) in the Huffington Post.

Thompson and Crane argue that the Medicare debate "can't only be about cuts." They look at a number of innovative medical practices undertaken by California doctors that prevented greater harm, improved health and helped to limit additional healthcare costs but which are not currently encompassed by Medicare reimbursement polices.

The second is a piece in today's Denver Post by Julie Reiskin of the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition. Reiskin voices concerns that the Independent Payment Advisory Board is "the wrong way to fix Medicare spending," suggesting that IPAB is "loaded with many unintended consequences," especially for patients and those serving the disabled community.

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