Vaccinations Work, Really ...Continued

Vaccinations Work, Really ...Continued

03.01.13 | By

Ok, the anti-vaccine nonsense out there is a pet peeve of mine and, sadly, it makes me angry. I really don't understand why anyone would put themselves little less their child (or other people's children) at risk from a potentially deadly and preventable disease when a well-vetted, safe and proven effective vaccination would likely prevent a disease. More proof, as if that is needed, was in this piece from the BBC this morning I saw this morning.

Apparently, there's been a whooping cough outbreak in the U.K. recently that has resulted in the death of at least 14 children. The solution - and one that seems to be working to limit that threat - is vaccination. A program of vaccinating pregnant women has helped to limit and reduce the toll of the disease. It still astonishes me that only 60 percent of prospective mothers are participating, but the positive effect of this proven intervention is nonetheless apparent. Vaccinate now. Remember this chart and share it.

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