Vaccine Infographic Puts Innovation in Perspective

Vaccine Infographic Puts Innovation in Perspective

11.02.12 | By

A new infographic by Leon Farrant on uses CDC data to explain how important vaccines are to multiple diseases, and visually explains the effects of a vaccine on morbidity rates for 14 diseases profiled, since that vaccine's inception. The graphic has been circulating around the web today, and per @behance, @chriscward and @vaccinewsnet. It's an eye-opener.

Most people understand a vaccine in terms of their yearly flu shot, but they're capable of much, much more. Right now America's biopharmaceutical companies are developing nearly 300 vaccines for the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases, including 170 for infectious diseases, 102 for cancers and eight for neurological disorders. There are some pretty exciting new paths of innovation mentioned in the linked report, including some vaccines in development for smoking cessation, pancreatic cancer, and even Alzheimer's Disease and HIV.

Both the CDC and Vaccinewsnet have a solid heft of resources for patients, if you need them. Their websites are a good bookmark for parents or health professionals with questions.

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