Virginia Health Care Foundation honors PhRMA for $1 billion in free medication to aid needy Virginians

Virginia Health Care Foundation honors PhRMA for $1 billion in free medication to aid needy Virginians

06.17.11 | By Deborah Oswalt

I am pleased to announce that the Virginia Health Care Foundation (VHCF) presented PhRMA with our prestigious You "Rx"ceptional Award for its work with The Pharmacy Connection at our annual "Heroes in Health Care" ceremony on Tuesday, June 14. PhRMA and VHCF have collaborated over the last decade to provide $1 billion worth of free medicine to uninsured Virginians through The Pharmacy Connection.

Sadly, thousands of Virginians are unable to afford the medications they need. In order to help combat this serious problem, we are proud to recognize PhRMA for all of its efforts to provide Virginians in need with the free or low-cost medicines that are such a vital part of treating their chronic illnesses.

One billion dollars is such a huge and generous sum of money that it may be difficult for many people to relate to how this translates into everyday assistance for individual Virginians. One of the very powerful stories of the positive impact in one person's life of this generosity was shared with me by Joy McDaniel, a Medication Assistance Caseworker at the Blue Ridge Medical Center in Nelson County. Joy, who also received the You "Rx"ceptional Award, works with patients to connect them with The Pharmacy Connection so that they receive the free prescription medications they need.

Joy has been working with a gentlemen for over a year now who suffered a heart attack several years ago at age 62. This gentleman, a small business owner for over three decades, sold his business in recent years. After selling his business, the new owners promised that he would continue to receive coverage until age 65, allowing him to obtain the $3,500 worth of medications he needed each month.

But when his business closed its doors shortly after the sale, his insurance was dropped. Suddenly, he was only able to afford 2 of the 16 prescribed medications. That's where Joy comes in.

She enrolled him in The Pharmacy Connection allowing him to receive the additional 14 medications he needed. The insulin treatments soon brought his blood sugar level down from 810 to 120. A year and a half later he is still receiving all 16 medications he needs for free thanks to the program. VHCF is proud to be a partner with PhRMA, and Joy's story is one of many examples of the great work PhRMA is doing through all its member companies to help those in need and improve lives!

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