Week in Review: The Necessity of Innovation

Week in Review: The Necessity of Innovation

12.14.12 | By

As Dr. John Lechleiter pointed out in his Forbes column this week, innovation - specifically biopharmaceutical innovation - can contribute positively toward our long-term goal of fiscal solvency, so long as it isn't inhibited by "short-sighted efforts to close the budget gap." Dr. Lechleiter emphasized that the budget deficit will depend on healthcare costs and economic growth moving forward, and biopharmaceutical innovation can be a key positive factor in both areas.

Jay Taylor, Vice President of PhRMA International Affairs and Advocacy, also addressed the importance of innovation this week, highlighting a Global Intellectual Property Center report that found intellectual property protection catalyzes dynamic global economies, which sustains innovative industries and high-quality jobs. He also noted that Canada and India were featured in the report as examples of countries that received a negative rating, which is discouraging because it makes innovating difficult.

Daria Hazuda, Vice President and Worldwide Discovery Franchise Head for Infectious Diseases at Merck, pointed out in her interview with The Catalyst that research and innovation can be extremely labor intensive and difficult process-wise. She discussed her HIV/AIDS research and the work that remains to be done to help the tens of millions of people who are living with the disease across the globe. In addition to working toward the "holy grail" and finding a cure for the disease, there is momentum in the scientific community to better understand the mechanism by which the virus persists and how and why the immune system remains dysfunctional.

This is just a sampling of what the Catalyst covered this week. Stay tuned, weigh in with your comments and check back often as we continue to keep you apprised of the information and issues that impact the biopharmaceutical industry.

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