What to Read: WCG's Brian Reid on Social Media and the FDA

What to Read: WCG's Brian Reid on Social Media and the FDA

12.15.11 | By Kate Connors

On the Pharmalot blog, Ed Silverman published an interesting op-ed by Brian Reid, a social media expert with WCG, about the lack of FDA guidance on social media.
He presents a clear overview of where we stand in terms of use of social media, as well as the process that led us here (for instance, the repeated promises from FDA about a guidance, none of which the agency ever made good on).
I find Brian's take to be compelling, and for people who haven't followed the issue, it's a great primer. I also admire his thoughtfulness in including the important role that online health information now plays - for better or, at times, for worse.
It's also gratifying to see his observation that "the industry has already figured out" some approaches to social media without an agency guidance; after all, it's taken a lot of careful work for them to have come as far as they have.
But, as he says, there are some questions that companies are still trying to answer regarding online information, and those unanswered questions could represent significant issues - and risk - for companies.
Specifically, despite progress in this area by the companies, some of the most important information a company presents - such as prescribing information and detailed risk information - still merits attention from the FDA.
So, we'll keep waiting for it...and in the meantime, I imagine I'll keep blogging about it.

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