What's Happening Today in the Fight Against Cancer

What's Happening Today in the Fight Against Cancer

07.21.11 | By

There's a geek-blog site I check out periodically. It mostly writes about science fiction and popular culture, but occasionally it takes an interesting look at real developments in the sciences and medicine.

Today, there was an interesting report from the front lines of cancer treatment, by Dr. Michael Soble writing from the American Society of Oncology's annual conference. Dr. Soble takes a tour through current cancer therapies and looks at how the latest, approved treatments work and how they are being used to treat patients. It is an interesting review of both the promise and the challenges of the current state of medicines.

Along with reading Dr. Soble's blog, take a look at PhRMA Medicines in Development series on cancer medicines now in late stage development or being considered for approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration - nearly 900 new medicines to treat cancer.

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