What's on Your CEO's Mind? Dr. John Lechleiter To Deliver Xavier University Keynote Address

What's on Your CEO's Mind? Dr. John Lechleiter To Deliver Xavier University Keynote Address

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Just across the river from my home state of Kentucky, Cincinnati boasts every manner of well-respected icons of academia, all framed against the Ohio River. Xavier University is one of the nation's finest, and today's guest post highlights Dr. Marla Phillips, Ph.D., Director of Health Initiatives at Xavier University, talking through their plans for an important conference early next month. If you haven't made St. Patrick's Day plans yet and you're interested in biopharmaceutical innovation, consider putting Cincinnati's PharmaLink on your list...

"In the 7 years I worked for Merck, I saw our CEO three times. Each time was so memorable as it framed where our company was going based on global economic factors, pipeline strategy, and maximizing our strengths internally. This high level strategy helped make sense of the decisions we were making on a daily basis. It showed us the picture of the completed puzzle and how we as pieces all fit in. So I challenge you: how well do you know where your CEO is headed and what is on the forefront of his or her mind? It might help you make sense of your job!

We're excited to host one of the most influential thought leaders in the biopharmaceutical industry here at Xavier in just over a month, as Eli Lilly CEO and Xavier alum Dr. John Lechleiter joins us on campus to deliver the keynote address on "Painting the Future of Innovation". The 4th annual FDA co-sponsored Xavier University PharmaLink Conference will highlight what's necessary for the United States to maintain its status as a leader in innovation - and why that leadership is critical to patients.

When I left Merck, I was very passionate about the dysfunction I saw between biopharmaceutical companies and their suppliers and contract manufacturers - basically, "I'm right, and you need to do it my way." I find that the neutral ground of the university has led to unbelievably collaborative conversations...our speakers have literally said "this is how I contribute to the problem", instead of "everyone else is wrong and they need to change". PharmaLink is one of the only conferences in the world where the agenda is so intensely designed and our hand-selected speakers orchestrate content that will make a difference.

Dr. Lechleiter will be joined by colleagues from around the world taking a deeper dive on topics that influence the biopharmaceutical industry, including

  • Hussain Mooraj: Accenture, presents on the Future of Pharma
  • Steve Solomon: FDA Office of the Commissioner, presents "Beyond our Borders" and will join "The FDA Safety and Innovation Act Workshop"
  • Global Regulators: MHRA, Swissmedic, and Fimea will present inspection findings and trends, new EU directives, and future expectations.
  • Pfizer, Amgen, and Eli Lilly: speakers will dive deep on topics to share working models for implementation

Cincinnati is a great destination - come join us! Register today with the following link: www.XavierPharmaLink.com."

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