Will an inspirational SOTU lead to action?

Will an inspirational SOTU lead to action?

01.25.12 | By

President Obama's State of the Union address and its focus on jobs comes at a time when America's biopharmaceutical research sector is developing nearly 3,000 medicines and bringing new treatment options to patients in need today -- all while supporting high-value jobs. Remarkable innovation is underway. Good American jobs are being created. But this progress can't continue if policies don't embrace the work (see PhRMA President John Castellani's statement on Tuesday night's SOTU).

President Obama's speech was inspiring. I'd be hard pressed to find someone who didn't agree with the need to generate more American jobs and spur American innovation. Now I'm on the lookout for action -- policies that back these aspirations and support innovative sectors of our economy, such as the biopharmaceutical research industry.

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