Working Together, We Build on the Past

Working Together, We Build on the Past

01.30.12 | By Kate Connors

Earlier this month, I wrote about the news that India has gone a full year without a new polio diagnosis - a big step forward to eradicating the disease.

Today, U.S. News and World Report published an op-ed by my colleague Dr. Alesci that explains what this step means, not just in terms of fighting polio but in terms of advancing science.

Dr. Alesci notes: "Here in America, where we have been polio-free since 1984, we can look at India's story as inspiration as we focus on battling other diseases. In so doing, we must recognize that without partnership and collaboration, we will never succeed."

He elaborates: "The fact of the matter is, no one body-not world-class universities, not the National Institutes of Health, and not private research-based biopharmaceutical companies-can know it all and do it all. That's why we must share strengths and resources and work together toward our common goal of conquering unmet medical needs."

With sound partnership and true collaboration, perhaps one day we can celebrate the eradication of diseases that today present challenges, from cystic fibrosis to HIV. It's going to take a lot of baby steps to get there, but's what our researchers work for, and it's what we call can hope for.

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