Worth a Read: What Patent Reform Means to Labor

Worth a Read: What Patent Reform Means to Labor

06.14.11 | By Kate Connors

An op-ed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer by William Burga, a former president of the Ohio AFL-CIO, is a good reminder that support for patent reform - which I've written about in the past - is important not just to biopharmaceutical research companies, but to all sectors that are stimulated by the patent system.

In this case, Burga is discussing the many labor jobs - from construction to manufacturing - that are provided indirectly by the life sciences.

Burga points to the "small but growing" biomedical field in Ohio (learn more about it here), and adds that federally funded programs are seeking to grow that field. Patent reform, he says, could be an additional boost to those companies, if it is done right.

It's hard to argue with his conclusion: "Let's give our homegrown geniuses the legal security they need to keep coming up with world-changing ideas and high-paid jobs for U.S. workers."

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