Write Down Your Prescription Medicines Before an Emergency Occurs

Write Down Your Prescription Medicines Before an Emergency Occurs

05.12.11 | By

Down in Louisiana, where record flooding is becoming a real threat, Governor Bobby Jindal is recommending that residents who may have to evacuate their homes and communities remember to write down their prescription medicines before they leave their homes.

This is an important message and one where Rx Response can help potential flood victims. The Rx Response website has a great tool to help those who might have to evacuate in an emergency. The tool allows people to create and print a wallet card that lists their prescription medications and other important medical information.

This is so important because given the confusion and disruption caused by a crisis like a flood, many people often don't think about the medicines they take and how they will get those medicines if they've been evacuated and relocated to an emergency shelter, staying with family or in a hotel.

But you don't have to wait for an emergency to be prepared. Making a list of your prescription medications and keeping it handy is just good planning and good sense.

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