Young Scientists Continue to Amaze America

Young Scientists Continue to Amaze America

08.02.12 | By

I continue to be amazed by some of the stories I've read on social media sites about young whiz kids who are taking science to a whole new level. A new story I spotted on Pinterest today highlights the recent winner of the Google Science Fair - a 17-year old girl who built a computerized brain to detect breast cancer.

I don't know about you, but I was never good at science. In fact, it was a subject that was simply too complicated for me to fully understand. I remember the science fairs of my youth when I built a pint-size volcano that would explode if you used enough baking soda and vinegar. Or the easy experiment determining what brand of laundry detergent cleaned a pair of white socks the best.

How times have changed...

Now we have a young woman who entered a science competition and literally changed the healthcare landscape around the world by inventing a computer program that helps to diagnose breast cancer. And just a couple months ago, we highlighted on The Catalyst a recent story about a young 15-year old boy who created a test to detect pancreatic cancer.

As a nation, we should be proud of our young scientists and all that they have achieved to make America a better place to live. These students are the perfect examples of what can be accomplished if we use a little - or a lot, in this case - imagination and explore all of the opportunities that the field of science presents to us.

We need to keep encouraging younger generations to enter this field so that we can keep moving medical innovation forward to help meet the great challenges of today and tomorrow.

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