Your Future, Your Health

Your Future, Your Health

05.11.11 | By Kate Connors

Today was the launch of the Script Your Future campaign, an effort to encourage patients living with chronic diseases to better manage their conditions by taking their medicines as directed.

According to the campaign's Web site, "Understanding your condition and taking your medicine correctly are important steps toward a longer, healthier life. This campaign can help you with tools to manage your medicines."

Led by the National Consumers League, the campaign incorporates partners from across the health care system who are dedicated to helping patients take better care of themselves through better adherence to their prescription medicines; these partners include health care professionals, patient communities, family caregivers, pharmacies, government representatives, and of course biopharmaceutical research companies and PhRMA.

Citing more than one-third of medication-related hospitalizations as being related to patients not taking the medicines as directed, Script Your Future is intended to promote better adherence.

The Web site includes a medication reminder function, which allows patients to request personalized reminders when it's time to take their medicines; wallet cards with questions to asks providers and pharmacists and room to list each medicine prescribed; and a medicine management tool worksheet. The Web site also includes a pledge function, where patients can make vows about what they hope to accomplish with better health, such as more time with friends and attendance at a daughter's wedding.

Adherence is an important issue, and for good reason: biopharmaceutical research companies spend billions developing new medicines for patients, but all that work can be for naught if the medicines aren't used properly. Script Your Future is a good reminder that adherence is not just part of the big picture of health care, but rather is something that we each, individually, can help to control.

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