High Cholesterol: Meeting Unmet Need for a Deadly Condition

Advances over the past decade have provided important treatment options for high cholesterol patients.

Research Continues to Focus on Unmet Need

Today, patients—including those with dangerously high cholesterol levels resulting from FH—have treatment options available to help them adequately manage their cholesterol. But treatment continues to evolve as researchers seek to meet the needs of patients who struggle with this condition.

As heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States, providing treatments which help patients gain better control over cholesterol levels and the associated risk of heart attack and stroke will go a long way to alleviating this substantial burden.

Evidence suggests that if all forms of CVD were eliminated, average life expectancy across the U.S. population would increase by 7 years. Providing effective treatments to help patients better control CVD-related risk factors presents a tremendous opportunity to extend and improve the lives of patients.

Currently, there are 40 medicines in development aiming to provide important new treatment options for patients with high cholesterol. Continuing to expand the availability of treatments to meet the needs of the more than 100 million Americans with high cholesterol will be critical to reducing the burden of CVD and CVD-associated mortality.