Prescription for Medicare

For over 10 years, Medicare Parts B and D have been providing seniors with access to lifesaving treatments. But now seniors are increasingly facing higher out of pocket costs on the medicines they need.  In response, there has been a lot of talk in Washington about changing Medicare to reduce costs. But while many proposals would cut costs for governments and insurers, they won’t cut costs for seniors; and even worse, they would limit access to the medicines that could save their lives – now and in the future.  Cutting costs for everyone except seniors and limiting access to medicines is the Wrong Prescription for Medicare. On the other hand, making changes that help seniors pay less out-of-pocket and improve access is the Right Prescription for Medicare.  

Wrong Prescription

  • Importing foreign price controls and limiting access for seniors to lifesaving innovation
  • Forcing patients to fail first
  • Interfering with existing Part D negotiations and restricting access

Right Prescription

  • Passing through rebates to seniors at the pharmacy counter to lower out-of-pocket costs
  • Driving competition at the pharmacy counter
  • Improving seniors access to critical treatments and cures