Patient Advocate Awardee 2012

May 1, 2012 1:09PM

Kate Maslow
Institute of Medicine
Keck Center

Kate Maslow is a 2012 Patient Advocate Award WinnerKatie Maslow is currently a scholar-in-residence at the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine (10M), with a focus on issues in the care of people with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. Prior to joining the 10M in late 2010, Ms. Maslow worked for 15 years for the Alzheimer's Association, directing many practice and policy initiatives to improve the quality, coordination, and outcomes of health care and long-term services and supports for people with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias and their family caregivers. She directed the Association's initiative on managed care and its multi-site demonstration project, Chronic Care Networks for Alzheimer's Disease. She also directed the Association's initiative to improve hospital care for people with Alzheimer's and other dementias, working in partnership with the John A. Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing. She represented the Association on the National Assisted Living Workgroup, and from 2007 - 2010, she was the primary author of the Association's annual statistical report, Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures.

From 1983 - 1995, Ms. Maslow was a policy analyst and senior associate at the U.S. Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), a congressional research agency. At OTA, she worked on congressionally requested studies about aging, Alzheimer's disease, long-term care, and care management. She has served on numerous government and non- government advisory panels on aging, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and family caregiving. She been a member of three National Quality Forum (NQF) steering committees to develop quality measures for nursing home and home health care, as well as the recent NQF and American Medical Association steering committees to develop quality measures for Alzheimer's and dementia care. She has also been a member of two recent 10M study committees on comparative effectiveness research and an earlier 10M study committee on the Social Security Administration's Disability Decision Process.

Ms. Maslow has a bachelors degree in sociology and psychology from Stanford University and a masters degree in social work from Howard University. She is a member of the American Geriatrics Society, the Gerontological Association of America, and the National Association of Social Workers.

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