PhRMA Annual Meeting 2016

March 9, 2016 9:00AM

Transforming that hope into cures is a difficult, complex challenge that requires unprecedented cooperation and collaboration by patients, biopharmaceutical research companies, academia, policy makers and a wide-array of stakeholders in our healthcare and research ecosystem.

PhRMA’s 2016 Annual Meeting focus on what it takes to move “From Hope to Cures.” The program takes an in depth look at the state of science and health in 2016 and beyond; helps to define the challenges and opportunities ahead; and explores what we all must do to further the shared goal of converting hope to cures and meeting the needs of the patients. 

PhRMA’s 2016 Annual Meeting is designed to stimulate thought, conversation and action. The exceptional speakers we have invited and the programs we have put together pose the tough questions we should be asking and provides a wide-range of viewpoints on how those questions might best be answered. 

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