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Understanding the medical and pharmaceutical landscape is an essential – and oftentimes, first – step for any patient and their loved ones after a diagnosis. We’ve pulled together a wide range of informative resources on diseases, research, treatments, programs, coverage, and more to help patients at every step of their journey. Explore them below. 


Medicines in Development for HIV 2017 Report

America’s biopharmaceutical research companies are developing 52 medicines and vaccines for HIV.


List of Medicines in Development for HIV

More than 50 medicines and vaccines are in development for HIV/AIDS infection treatment and prevention.

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PREA and BPCA: Spurring Pediatric Drug Development

PREA and BPCA work together to foster pediatric drug development.


America’s biopharmaceutical industry is central to diverse R&D ecosystem

Dr. Tim Garnett, CMO of Eli Lilly and Company, emphasizes that creating lifesaving medicines is the focus of the biopharmaceutical industry.


Actual Versus Projected Death Rates for HIV/AIDS in the U.S.

The introduction of HAART treatments caused a significant drop in the HIV/AIDS death rate.


Clinical Trials - What You Need to Know

Clinical trials are central to the work of biopharmaceutical researchers - they advance the science of bringing new medicines to patients.


Improve Access to Important Clinical Information

Learn how insurers use a range of techniques that may interfere with a doctor’s prescribed course of treatment and impact patient care.

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Patient-Focused Drug Development

Incorporating the patient’s voice in the development and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) evaluation of new medicines.


4 Reasons Why Importing Drugs is Bad for Patients

This infographic details four reasons why importing drugs is bad for patients, especially regarding safety.


How patients with dyslipidemia save with Medicare Part D

Patients with dyslipidemia save with Medicare Part D. This graphic shows how.


How patients with heart failure save with Medicare Part D

See how patients with congestive heart failure save with Medicare Part D.


High Cholesterol Patient Profile - Sheryl

Sheryl has been able to get her high cholesterol under control through lifestyle changes like diet and exercise.


Patient Profile: Bill

Every 40 seconds, an American adult dies from a heart attack, stroke, or vascular disease, equating to nearly 800,000 deaths per year.


How patients with hypertension save with Medicare Part D

Adherent seniors’ net savings were approximately $5,824 per year compared to non-adherent beneficiaries.


Falling Death Rates for HIV/AIDS Patients

This data visualization provides a look at the actual vs projected death rates for HIV/AIDs in the United States.

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Principles on Interactions with Patient Organizations

Biopharmaceutical companies share with patient organizations a commitment to patients and a mission to discover cures and fight disease.