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New Agreement with Algeria To Develop Medical Sector

PhRMA June 25, 2014

San Diego (25 June 2014)—Representative of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with theNational Pharmaceutical Products Control Laboratory of Algeria, setting out a new framework for partnership on policies to encourage more innovation, employment and investment in this strategic sector in the Algerian economy, PhRMA announced here today.

At an official ceremony held at the BIO Convention in San Diego and attended by His Excellency Ambassador Abdallah Baali, Ambassador of Algeria to the United States, Professor Mohamed Mansouri, from the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, representing the Algerian Government, joined Samir Khalil, Executive Director for PhRMA Middle East & Africa in an event to kick off a new era of cooperation in developing policies to strengthen Algeria’s competitiveness in research, development and manufacturing innovative medicines. 

A comprehensive report, “Vision 2020” set out a detailed strategy and action plan, and provides the core document underpinning this new partnership. Vision 2020 reviews Algeria’s current strengths and challenges in key areas, and offers detailed recommendations to improve human health and Algeria’s competitiveness and investment potential n this dynamic industry.

“We are delighted to sign the new MOU with Algeria to help us achieve Vision 2020,” Samir Khalil said. “Algeria is the first country in Africa to commit itself to working with PhRMA and our member companies to achieve comprehensive reform, and we are confident that each year will bring new creative policies to boost Algeria’s ability to compete regionally and globally in this sector.”

“Algeria possesses many advantages providing a solid basis for the development of the sector, and we dedicate ourselves to sharing our expertise to accomplish this goal,” Ashraf Allam, Chairman of the PhRMA Middle East & Africa Executive Committee said. “We are encouraged that the government is committing to working with us to eliminate barriers that hinder patient access to cutting-edge therapies and development of the sector.”

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