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Hurricane Irene Prescription Medication Alert

PhRMA April 26, 2013

Washington, D.C. – With Hurricane Irene upgraded to a Category 3 hurricane and threatening the U.S. east coast, Rx Response, a program that helps ensure the continued flow of medicine in severe public health emergencies, is urging citizens who may need to evacuate to document their existing prescriptions using the downloadable Medication Card available at The Rx Response website also includes other valuable information on how to prepare for a potential emergency.

Rx Response is a initiative of America’s bio-pharmaceutical supply system and the American Red Cross that works with federal, state and local governments to share information about the status of the pharmaceutical supply chain and help resolve obstacles to the flow of medicine.

“Anyone in Hurricane Irene’s path subject to evacuation should take the time to fill out and download the Rx Response Medication Card,” urged Erin Mullen, RPh, PhD, CEM., Director of the Rx Response program. “One of the greatest challenges for people evacuated in a disaster is refilling prescriptions for critically needed medicines. By filling out the Medication Card, and bringing their medications with them, people will have all of the information they’ll need to refill a prescription regardless of where they end up after evacuating.”

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