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Nearly 1,300 Clinical Trials Conducted Since 1999

PhRMA January 9, 2014

DES MOINES, IA (January 9, 2014) – Working with Iowa research institutions, including the members of the new Iowa Coalition of Clinical Researchers (ICCR), the nation’s biopharmaceutical research companies have conducted 1,287 clinical trials of new medicines in the state since 1999, according to a new report by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). The total reflects an increase of almost 200 trials in just the last seven months.

The report, “Research in Your Backyard: Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials in Iowa,” was released today at a panel discussion and news conference with Governor Terry Branstad, Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds and ICCR members at UnityPoint Health in Des Moines. The report shows Iowa’s clinical trials have targeted the most debilitating chronic diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, and many other conditions, such as kidney and liver diseases, neurological disorders, arthritis and infectious diseases.

“Our state’s investment in education and life sciences research and development has not only paid off economically; it has contributed to new treatments and improved health care for patients all over the world,” said Governor Branstad. “Our research institutions, including the many respected research centers at the University of Iowa, are collaborating with biopharmaceutical companies, academia and government research agencies on the development of important new medicines.”

According to the new findings, economic benefits of collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies include the companies’ support for more than 14,000 state jobs and the generation of $3.4 billion in economic activity in 2011, the year with the most recent data. The “Research in Your Backyard” report also shows 141 clinical trials of potential new chronic disease treatments conducted by biopharmaceutical companies and local collaborators are still active and recruiting patients in Iowa. Thirteen more active trials addressing chronic diseases have been added in just seven months. And the ICCR will seek to attract additional clinical research to the state.

A new survey by the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science at the University of Iowa shows Iowans are interested in learning more about the state’s available trials at a time when more volunteer patients are needed.

“A large majority of the state’s population are learning about opportunities to participate in clinical trials,” said Dr. Gary Rosenthal, director of the Institute. “Such participation enables Iowans from all walks of life to benefit from the latest therapeutic advances.”

The ICCR, whose formation was announced today, will launch a statewide educational campaign on Iowa’s clinical research and its importance to patients and the development of new medications, including cutting-edge biotechnology therapies. In addition to seeking more trials, ICCR founders will: educate state residents about clinical trials in their communities; provide materials to help patients decide whether to participate in clinical research; and explain the benefits and patient protections of the research.

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