Press Release

Rx Response Urges Pre-Disaster Planning on Medication

PhRMA May 30, 2013

Washington, D.C. ( May 30, 2013) – With the federal government’s Climate Prediction Center warning of an active or extremely active 2013 Atlantic hurricane season, Rx Response officials said today that its two key programs that help citizens and communities recover from the impact of hurricanes - Rx Open and Rx on the Run - were ready for action.

Formerly known as the Pharmacy Status Reporting Tool, Rx Open maps the location of open pharmacies in disaster impacted areas at This information can help citizens, emergency managers and public health officials know what pharmacies are open to address the public’s needs following a disaster.

Rx on the Run is an online tool that enables patients to enter information about prescriptions and contact information for medical providers and print the information on a wallet sized card. This card can serve as a valuable resource for patients who may have lost their medications or had them destroyed in the wake of a disaster. Those who have a record of what medications they need will be better able to replace them if they are not able to reach their physician or pharmacist. The Rx on the Run card is available at

“Hurricanes can impact communities in many adverse ways and one of the most serious impacts is when severe weather threatens access to medication,” said Rx Response Director Erin Mullen, RPh, PhD, CEM. “We urge citizens living in hurricane prone areas to visit after a storm hits to identify where they can get prescriptions filled. We also encourage citizens to be ready for this year’s hurricane season by filling out an Rx on the Run prescription medication card today.”

Rx Open was deployed following Hurricane Sandy and mapped the status of over 10,000 pharmacies across an 11-state area. The tool’s success earned praise from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano who thanked Rx Response leaders for Rx Open’s contributions. 

Rx Response is an initiative of America’s biopharmaceutical supply system partners that helps ensure the continued flow of medicine following a large scale natural or manmade disaster. The program relies on a robust information sharing and problem-solving platform that provides a single point of contact for government officials to interact with the bio-pharmaceutical industry. This single point of contact also facilitates streamlined interaction between members of the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain.