Medicines in Development for Children 2012 Report

America’s biopharmaceutical companies are researching 316 medicines to help meet the unique health care needs of children and adolescents. The medicines are currently in clinical trials or under review by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

PhRMA October 17, 2012

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Considerable progress in the fight against diseases that impact children has been achieved in recent decades, with medicines playing a key role. Infant mortality has sunk to record lows. New vaccines protect children against many childhood diseases. Antibiotics prevent deaths from pneumonia and other infectious diseases. Thanks in part to major treatment advances, 82 percent of children diagnosed with cancer will survive five years or longer today, compared to 58 percent three decades ago, according to the American Cancer Society.

Biopharmaceutical research companies are working to continue this progress and to meet new health challenges specific to children. The more than 300 medicines in development listed in the new report reflect these ongoing efforts.

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