Chart Packs

Improving patient health is the primary goal of patient care and better access to treatments not only improves overall health outcomes but can also provide a source of savings to the healthcare system. By reducing spending on other non-drug medical expenses, medicines help prevent the worsening of underlying disease, reduce the burden on caregivers and, improve workforce productivity.


Chart Pack: Rare Diseases and the Orphan Drug Act

Collectively, rare diseases aren't so rare. This chart pack explores how orphan medicines and venture capital investment meet the need and help 30 million Americans.


Chart Pack: Biopharmaceuticals in Perspective, Summer 2019

This chart pack provides facts and figures about prescription medicines and their role in the health care system.


Chart Pack: Cancer Medicines Value in Context

This chart pack provides facts and figures about the role innovative treatments play in the fight against cancer.


Chart Pack: Value of Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicines is an emerging field to help assess which medical treatments and procedures will be best for each patient.


Chart Pack: Biopharmaceuticals in Government Programs

This chart pack features key facts about prescription medicines in four major government programs.