Assembly Member Marcos Crespo and PhRMA Announce “Roadmap to Health” Program at SOMOS Puerto Rico

New mobile health screening program will hit the streets next year to address chronic disease in New York City

San Juan, Puerto Rico (November 9, 2018) – Today, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) were joined by New York Health Works and Assembly Member Marcos Crespo in announcing a new mobile health screening program, the “Roadmap to Health,” which will launch in January 2019 in New York City. Dozens of events will be held throughout the upcoming year providing various health care screenings and educational resources about health and wellness.

The Roadmap to Health is a mobile health fair that will provide information and resources to New York residents to help combat chronic disease and empower individuals with knowledge about their health, initially focusing on neighborhoods in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. Biometric health screenings will be available at each event, offering screenings such as total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI.  Blood glucose screening, vision screening and a pulmonary function test will also be available at a number of events.

An independent medical screening firm will administer and conduct all of the health screenings.  At each location, screeners will be on site to provide services in Spanish and English. Individuals who are screened will also be provided information on where to seek further medical assistance within their communities if they choose to do so. All screenings will be provided to communities free of charge. PhRMA will be working alongside legislators to make sure their constituents are aware of this important resource.

The Roadmap to Health mobile health fair aims to remove barriers to health care by partnering with community organizations, health clinics and faith-based centers by providing direct services to individuals in their own communities. Each event can be tailored to meet the needs of each organization or community. At various points throughout the program, a nutritionist will be available to advise participants about the importance of healthy eating, or a group exercise class may be offered by a community partner.

“Many communities, particularly communities of color, face barriers in accessing preventative care,” said Assembly Member Marcos Crespo. “The Roadmap to Health program helps break down those barriers by bringing vital services to our communities, and I’d like to thank PhRMA for launching this important program.”

“We are thrilled to sponsor the Roadmap to Health program. Regular screenings are key to detecting and treating early warning signs of chronic disease,” said Dr. Michael Ybarra, vice president of medical affairs and strategic alliances at PhRMA. “PhRMA supports expanding access to care, and we hope to empower the vibrant communities of New York City with information and resources to improve their health.”

About New York Health Works

New York Health Works brings together patient advocacy organizations, health care providers and the nation’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnological firms in an effort to keep New York residents informed about issues that impact their health. New York Health Works encourages individuals to be actively involved in public policy discussions regarding their access to quality health care and supports empowering New Yorkers to be engaged on health care issues that impact them individually, as well as their loved ones and their communities.

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