Cancer Week on The Catalyst

Cancer Week on The Catalyst

06.04.12 | By Preet Bilinski

Cancer poses a major public health challenge for us as individuals, our economy and our society as a whole. Over the next several days, we will be devoting a page on our website to cancer week: Medicines in Development for Cancer. In honor of all of our loved ones impacted by cancer, we will highlight the important research being done to combat this devastating disease and remind us of the personal way cancer impacts us all. I encourage you to read one such story by Jeff Trewhitt: father, husband, grandfather and cancer survivor. His post, Life After Cancer, tells his story of survival against hairy cell leukemia and the newfound hope for the future his survival has granted him.

While inspirational stories like Jeff's fuel our drive to continue our work, we know there are still many patients who desperately need improved treatments and cures. The American Cancer Society reports, cancer death rates have declined in the U.S. by 22 percent for men and 14 percent for women between 1990 and 2007, and we are committed to increasing the survival rate even more. A new PhRMA report illustrates the amazing science and commitment to patients demonstrated by the biopharma industry: nearly 1,000 medicines and vaccines being tested that not only seek to effectively treat and cure the symptoms of cancers, but also target the root of the disease and effectively eradicate it from our society.

Throughout the week, you will learn more about this groundbreaking research our member companies are doing as they strive to develop effective treatments to beat this harrowing disease. You will also hear from real-life cancer patients like Jeff who, having overcome cancer, are dedicated to ensuring that other Americans can share the same success stories.

The reality is that cancer impacts nearly everyone, so we should all be a part of the discussion on how to combat it. We encourage you to stay tuned throughout the week and share with us your personal stories on The Catalyst, Twitter, Facebook and wherever PhRMA has a presence. Thanks for your support in this effort. We're eager to hear your thoughts and questions as we go.

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